The majority of my published contributions have been to PopMatters but I have also written for and Below are just a few selections. Additionally, I have indicated a sample of research papers, but my scholarly interests cover several academic areas.

Live Music and Theatre:
22nd Annual Tibet House Benefit
U2 at the New Meadowlands 20 July 2011
Modern Troubadours: Eddie Vedder & Glen Hansard: 18 June 2011
Once: A New Musical on Broadway

"I Don't Like There to Be Artifacts": An Interview with DJ Shadow
"Lots of Tight Jean Moments": An Interview with BT

Politics and Prose:
Rumble in Delaware: Chris Coons v. Christine O’Donnell
Fiction & Fact at The New Yorker Festival: Jonathan Franzen + 'Reporting from the Edge'
The New Yorker Festival: A Conversation with "Dad Rock" Band The National

Film and Food:
Village Voice’s 5th Annual 'Choice Eats'
The Swell Season and The Loving Story at Tribeca Film Festival 2011
Pearl Jam Twenty premiere at Toronto International Film Festival 2011

Software and Technology:
Qello: Couch Surfing Concert Performances
Road Testing Sony's Bloggie Sport Camera

Academic Abstracts:
Contract Employment Status and Worker Integration: Temporary staffing agencies provide a significant number of contract employees to their clients in the financial industry or other financial related jobs in the New York City metropolitan area. Contract employees, as a subfield of nonstandard employment, may often experience disadvantages and marginalization. The objective of this research design is to first, outline the procedure and processes by which interviews with male, financial sector contract employees in and around New York will be conducted. Secondly, I will see how these individuals perceive and experience integration (or isolation) and job (in)security at the client firms based on their temporary status if time has an impact on this. Even as the fallout of the financial crisis enshrouds America, I maintain that contract employees will feel marginalized though, fortunately, they are employed.

Biotechnology and Corporate Social Responsibility: Incompatible Practices lead to Political Clashes: The notion of corporate social responsibility is an urgent counterpoint in an age where corporations are equally likely to create shell companies for hiding transactions, protecting assets and avoiding blame. When a company like BP owes billions of dollars for environmental cleanup, it is easy to see why they might want to pass the buck. Looking primarily at the United States, with the European Union serving as a foil, this paper puts together an understanding of the current status of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Then it explains how deregulatory effects, primarily through lobbying in the US, are guiding food politics to an inevitable tipping point where there is no turning back from GMOs. At this point, CSR practices will become of little interest and unfeasible, most particularly in the US, but possibly around the world.