San Fermin with Metropolis Ensemble: ‘American Songbook’ Gallery


Brooklyn band San Fermin recently did a show at Lincoln Center for the American Songbook series which I covered for PopMatters. You can check out my brief recap here. And you can find a larger gallery of those images here:

One of the things that has become a habit of mine at The Allen/Appel Room at Lincoln Center is to create a double exposure in camera using the head/tail-lights of cars from Central Park South out of focus and overlaying that atop the band on stage. I don’t think this came out great, given the challenge of aligning all the people in the image, but it was fun to envision and try to do.


Listen to the the title track of their forthcoming album Jackrabbit below or purchase the MP3 at Amazon. Amazon also has a preorder link for the album before its April release.