The Decemberists and Julien Baker at College St, New Haven


Julien Baker opened the show with a short solo set to nearly a full house. She’s been on the road with The Decemberists on their brief East Coast tour (which was dubbed “The Shuffling off to Ragnarök”) and it was great to watch her perform, as her stirring yet melancholic music can penetrate the heart.

The Decemberists, including Meloy and his nose, will perform at Brooklyn Steel tonight, Tuesday and Wednesday, all with Baker, all sold out. Longtime fans may be interested to know their are some new tunes to be heard, such as “Everything is Awful.” Check out photos from their show in the gallery above to get a sense of what is in store. Sadly, there was no whale as there had been on the What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World tour. But it was still a lot of fun — the audience could be heard singing-along throughout the night.

Source: The Decemberists played New Haven before this week’s Brooklyn Steel run (pics/setlist)

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