Fiona Silver Rocked Coney Island Baby on Cinco de Mayo (Photos)

Fiona Silver Rocked Coney Island Baby on Cinco de Mayo (Photos)


The new east Village club Coney Island Baby (run in part by rocker Jesse Malin) is just in it’s infancy — it opened April 26th with wild sets from Malin’s band and Murphy’s Law (check out my photos from the latter’s set on BrooklynVegan) — as it still has a noise curfew of 11 pm. On May 5th, 2018 (Cinco de Mayo) the venue hosted sets from A Shadow of Jaguar and the country rocker Kelley Swindall before the stage area filled up a little more for the headliner’s set.

Fiona Silver, an East Village native, was the headliner and she plays rock with a vintage vibe. And it was a great, albeit short set. Silver only has one album (Little Thunder) out so far. But it’s available to preview / stream / buy on Bandcamp. Her song “Nightclubbing” was a particular stand out and one one which she encouraged the crowd to dance.

Here is where I confess to having picked up a prism — a fashionable item photographers are picking up these days to reflect, distort and otherwise manipulate light and the image in camera. I didn’t get any good shots with it. I didn’t use it the whole show and I only have two images in the set below that incorporated the prism — one of them has my hand visible! Sigh. Maybe I’ll play around with it more. Maybe not. I feel like if there was more front lights (at least more that would put me in the middle between them and the performer) something cooler may have been possible. I am pretty happy with the regular photos however. Check ’em out below and you can also see one of Coney Island Baby’s images that has me in it.

Keep It Fresh
Take Me Down
I’ll Follow You
Hot Tears
Sick of Being Good
Smoking Gun

@fionasilver killing it last night @coneyislandbabynyc !

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Stayed until the end? Kudos to you! Here are bonus photos of Jesse Malin and his band rehearsing the night before Coney Island Baby opened up to the public.