Jukebox the Ghost HalloQueen Gallery


Jukebox the Ghost’s HalloQueen show at Webster Hall on October 26th 2019 was a true delight. The band started with one set of original songs, took a brief break for a Halloween costume contest and then returned to perform a set of Queen covers.

I was lucky enough to capture it all for the band and for Bowery Presents. One of my photos even made it into an article on Pollstar.com. I’ve been seeing this band around NYC for eleven years now (my first review / photos from a charity concert Chris Bro of NEXT Music put on in Stamford is still live on PopMatters). Since then, I have seen them seventeen times, admittedly a number that actually isn’t that high given that amount of time.

Below are photos of Tommy Siegel, Ben Thornewill and Jesse Kristin doing a fantastic impression of Brian May, Freddie Mercury and, who’s the drummer, oh yeah, a search told me it’s Roger Taylor. I knew that.

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