Danny Clinch – Walls of Sound Gallery



Near the end of summer in 2014, I had the opportunity to interview esteemed music photographer Danny Clinch about his epic monograph Still Moving (Abrams) (which is available for purchase on Amazon). That interview is over at PopMatters. Then, a few weeks after, at the time of the book release, Clinch put together a party at the McKittrick Hotel where a lot of musicians came to pay their respects, many of whom sat in on a performance by the Tangiers Blues Band.

Clinch’s follow up project was a very limited edition book called Motor Drive, featuring artists and automobiles, as well as a gallery exhibit at Milk Studios with the opening night reception on March 3rd. The Milk Gallery website has some photos of the exhibition as well as a few words from the photographer about the process, “Clinch told Milk Made during the opening that this show, and it’s accompanying book release Still Moving, was something of an extreme labor of love. “I spent 25 hours on this wall alone” he says as he nods toward a gargantuan photo collage occupying the back wall of the Milk Gallery. “It’s been real great working on this show,” he continued, “it’s turning out better than I ever could have hoped for.” We had high hopes, but we couldn’t agree more.”


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