2015 Music Recap w/ Favorite Photos


In 2015, John Brandon of San Fermin, Ty Taylor of Vintage Trouble, Colm Querney, Kellindo Parker (who plays with Janelle Monáe) and Al Kooper (who plays with Bob Dylan) were among some of the musicians I photographed who sent me personal messages to let me know they appreciate my work. It’s a great feeling to have the artists themselves find your work. And though I didn’t hear from her, even Mariah Carey probably saw my work on the Village Voice.

One up and coming band, Secret Weapons, found my photos and reached out, inviting me to come check out their show. After seeing them a few times and getting to know Danny and Gerry, it was great to hear they signed to a label before the year was out. Congrats fellas.

In the same period, I’ve gotten my work published (even if it was just once) in more places, including in and on Noisey, Pancakes & Whiskey, Fangoria, ReverbNation, Rockin’ On, Open Ears, the Sundance Institute and who knows where else.

It helps that I’ve been seeing a lot of music. Although I don’t have an auditor, I try to keep track of what I’ve seen in a year. Returning to the Newport Folk Festival and seeing a ton of great music in Fort Adams State Park was one of the highlights. I look forward to going again in 2016.


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Morrissey Played Madison Square Garden (Photos)



Once again I have outtakes from a concert I shot, and this time it is of Morrissey the former lead singer of seminal Manchester band The Smiths, performing at Madison Square Garden on 27 June 2015. The Village Voice, where a couple of my other photos can be found, had a full review of the show (including openers Blondie), where they noted, “the opportunity to see Manchester’s Son and Heir grace the stage was enough to warrant tears. The time between Blondie’s exit and Morrissey’s opening track was soon forgotten as the percussive intro of the Smiths’ political stunner “The Queen Is Dead” began to play beneath the projected image of Queen Elizabeth flipping the bird. Morrissey wielded his microphone with finesse while gripping bright yellow maracas, and fans, following in the tradition of so many showgoers before them, threw flowers onto the stage.”

Check out the photos of his performance, as well as a message from a fan that didn’t likely get delivered, after the jump. Morrissey sure can whip the microphone cord good.


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