Billie Joe Armstrong + Norah Jones Play ‘Foreverly’ at Bowery Electric

Billie Joe Armstrong + Norah Jones Play ‘Foreverly’ at Bowery Electric



What a nice surprise it was to wake up on Wednesday morning and see the email about a ticket sale for a Billie Joe Armstrong (of Green Day) acoustic show happening at The Bowery Electric. What was even more pleasant was that I was lucky enough to secure tickets to the show. It turned out to be the first live performance where Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones performed their two year old Everly Brothers album Foveverly in full (plus “Sure to Fall (In Love with You)” by Carl Perkins), a total of thirteen songs, all the ones they knew together. There were no Green Day songs. There were no Norah Jones songs (which is more funny as I’ve seen her with Puss N Boots twice and now this but not solo). But that’s okay. There was some great tunes and it was an intimate venue. Check out my exclusive photos below (BrooklynVegan should have a few others they’ll get up sometime soon) the jump and be sure to buy Foreverly. And please follow me on social media accounts and share the link to this page!

Matthew Holtzclaw:

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Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones:

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