The Ladles Perform at Pete’s Candy Store (Photos / Video)



The Ladles came to my attention earlier this summer as I saw them on the lineup of Mike + Ruthy‘s Summer Hoot festival. The short bio on the Hoot’s page describes them as follows: “The Ladles have three part female harmony perfected – blending Swing, Old-Time, Neo-Soul, Choral music into a sound all their own. Using solely acoustic instrumentation and three voices, they create a dreamy otherworldly atmosphere that can quiet a noisy bar. The Ladles are Katie Martucci, Caroline Kuhn, and Lucia Purpura-Pontoniere.” Sounds pretty good right? So when they group came around NYC for a gig at Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn on July 18th, I went to check em out.

Due to the narrow space in the venue (I didn’t want to block anyone in the back’s view) and also because I didn’t expect to get a wide variety of photos with the three gals just hovering by their microphones, I grabbed only a handful of photos. But I was able to place my camera on the ledge above my head and steady it in order to grab a couple of videos. One of the videos is of poem by Mary Oliver turned into a song (“Wild Geese” to be specific) and the other is a cover of Joan Baez’s “Silver Dagger”. The Ladles return to New York City on August 23rd for an 8 pm set at Rockwood Music Hall. Their debut self-titled EP is out now and my favorite track might be “Hands of Time”. A stream of the five song EP follows below so I’ll let you judge for yourselves.