Review: Richard Linklaters’ ‘Before’ Trilogy Criterion Blu-ray


Before Sunrise is quite simply a must see film. The tiny indie cost $2.5 million to make and more than doubled that at the box office. What was most striking is how naturally Linklater captured the backpacking experience. Backpacking expands one’s horizons as you are left open to new experiences including international romance. Céline and Jesse meet in Vienna while traveling solo and bond as they roam the city. A promise to meet again in six months is made….

Pick up the Criterion Blu-ray Before Trilogy set to get the three films in paper cases which have a painterly feel on which Céline and Jesse are lovingly posed. The three cases are housed inside a paper slipcover which depicts a solar progression in a watercolor style. Before Sunrise‘s packaging is the larger of the three as it includes the booklet with an essay, film notes and credits. The three films have individual spine numbers (857, 858 & 859) but they are only available as a complete set. And as far as bonus features are concerned, the Criterion set offers a definitive experience….

Source: ‘Before’ Trilogy Criterion Blu-ray Release is a Lovingly Crafted Set

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